Robotastic Competition!

In the middle of our March break, Josiah, Chris, and I [Elie] went into school to build robots with Mr. Diaz. It took us a while but it was a lot of fun. The coding was especially challenging and hard to make. We had to make the robot stack one toilet paper roll over the other and put it in a specific area on the table. I think it was a good experience for my friends and me.

During the competition, it was very nerve-racking. My teammates, Elie, Maria, and I [Daniel] tried to code the robot according to the competition's requirements. It seemed to go pretty smoothly, but then it messed up during the competition. We were able to get points for our efforts and there were a lot of uplifters and downlifters of emotions during that competition. Overall, we had a good time coding and watching how we progressed; we even received 5th place out of twenty-three teams! Next time we aim to get higher!

Photograph: Maria B, Daniel B, and Elie U holding their fifth place trophy.

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