S.L.A. Ski Trips are a Great Success

Sandy Lake Academy was extremely blessed this year to be able to have their annual ski trip not once, but twice! On February 11th and March 10th, students from Grade 3 to Grade 12 went to Martock Ski Resort near Windsor to enjoy a day of skiing and friendship. Sandy Lake Academy would like to thank Keli Cyr and all the parents and faculty who helped to organise and provide transport for these trips.

Students took photographs and wrote about their experiences on the ski hill, some of which have been shared below. Thank you to Mr. Kibbee and Maria B (Grade 9) for sharing their photographs of the trips.

Grades 5/6 Testimonies

On ski day I went to the half hill, I didn’t want to go to the top because people kept face planting and falling over. I had fun doing ski races and going down some of the steep hills. I also chatted with some of my friends about what hill we would ski on next. Near the end of the day, the big hills got icy so I went back to the bunny hill and just did turns and a few races before going home. At the end, it felt nice not having the big heavy boots on anymore but my legs were so tired from all the skiing. I had a lot of fun skiing and I hope we get to do it again soon. By Laney (Grade 5)

Ski day is fun! You can see the beautiful city from the big hill. Going down the hill is very cool and fun, but also avoiding crashing can hurt a lot. It’s more fun to go down with friends. I think skiing is a good activity. By Hugo (Grade 6)

My experience with skiing was really fun. When we first got there I was surprised at how big and tall the hills were. The lessons were really helpful for the basics and when I got the hang of the heaviness of the skis it was really fun to ski down the bunny hills. The halfway hill was fun, but it was way scarier because of how steep it was, so when I fell it was way more painful than falling on the bunny hill. One thing I didn't like the best was how tight and heavy the boots were and when I took them off I felt like I was so light and could fly away. When it was starting to get dark the lights were so magical looking with the goggles on. I thought with all of my snow gear on I would be way too hot, but the temperature was perfect it was really relaxing when I was skiing down the halfway and the wind was kind of pushing me forward. It wasn't relaxing when I fell through. By Faith (Grade 6)

High School Testimonies

The warm weather made for a perfect day filled with fun. Students got to bond and form new friendships. One of the highlights of the trip was the delicious food. In my opinion, it was one of the best days of the year and I think anyone else who went would agree with me. I think it’s safe to say that the ski trip was a big success. By Lindsay (Grade 11)

This year we got to go on two ski trips. Everyone was so excited when we heard we were all going again! On the way there, some students and I played music and sand. We got there and all passed the test (almost). The first couple of runs I went cautiously and a bit slow. Everyone passed me, so after a few runs I started to get more comfortable and did some tricks and caught up to everyone. By the middle of the day, everyone was following me to the right-hand sidehill. I really like that when we skied down we mostly stayed together. The ski trip was great and I wish we could go again! By Maria (Grade 9)

On Wednesday I went on a ski trip with my school [Sandy Lake Academy]. Some of us went skiing while others went boarding. We all had an amazing time doing run after run, lift after lift. One moment that really stuck out to me was when Lazarus had to stop in front of me because I fell, and he sprayed me with snow. Right after that, he caught his edge on a bump and fell over, but he was okay. For a couple of runs I decided to go into the park. I pulled off a couple of 360 degrees and send some sick rails. All around, the ski trip was amazing! By Carter (Grade 7)

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