Sledding a Highlight in Grade 3/4 P.E.

Thanks to the beautiful snow that blanketed S.L.A. during January and February, Grades 3/4 were able to enjoy sledding as a part of their P.E. class. Grade 3/4 wrote about their outdoor classes in Language Arts, and have shared their experiences below.

My favourite part of sledding was sledding with friends. I liked the bumps, but they were very lumpy. I liked the hills we went on. Both were cool but the big one hurt a lot. The hard part of sledding was coming up. Another bad part was taking care of the owies. By Elizabeth (Grade 4)

I really enjoy going sledding in gym. It’s really fun and enjoyable going down the hill with my friends. I didn’t like going up the big hill, it took a minute or so, but it was really fun going back down the hill. By Deiniol (Grade 3)

I like going down the hill and going down fast and going with Dieniol and Caleb. It was so fun and I like to do it again and I like P.E. and going sledding. By Cameron (Grade 3)

When we went sledding I didn’t like climbing up. It was fun at least and we got to do it. By Anaya (Grade 3)

I love when we go sledding because we go so fast. I love sledding because we can play with our friends while sledding. I love sledding because it can be funny when your friend tries going down holding onto your sled. By Noelle (Grade 4)

It was really fun sledding with Mrs. Todd. I loved climbing up because I kept falling. By Marianna (Grade 3)

I like sledding because it’s so much fun to hit the bumps. It’s so much fun to slide down, it’s like I’m flying. By Maria (Grade 4)

I really enjoyed sledding because the hill went so fast! I also really liked it because sometimes when I went down I crashed into the snow. The best part was when Marianna, Hazel, and I went down the hill and I was falling off the sled. I also really liked when Mrs. Todd came up under the trees, the snow would sometimes fall on her.

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