Pier 21 Field Trip

On November 13th, the 7/8 Social Studies class went on a field trip to the Immigration Museum of Canada (Pier 21), in Halifax for their topic on immigration. “The field trip was a great experience” says Grade 8 student Joshua Wiscombe, “It was fun and educational”. Students participated in an Immigration Simulation to learn about the process of coming to Canada between 1880 and 1930. Grade 8 student Abby Stewart recalls, “You had to pick a coloured card; pink, yellow, green, purple or blue; make a story and try to get into Canada. I said I was a scientist”. Students also had a tour of the museum and enjoyed lunch with a view of the waterfront. “I would love to go again” says Grade 8 student Lazarus, “You should definitely go to Pier 21!”.

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