Principals Report: March. "Many Hands"

There is an old English proverb which states, “Many hands make light work.” While I may argue that “light” should be substituted with “lighter” – little work undertaken is truly “light” – it is nonetheless true that we are stronger and more effective when we work together. We recently completed our student bathroom renovations, and thanks go out to the many people who contributed skills, time, strength, and money to make this project a success. Many improvements are being planned for SLA in the near future ranging from facility improvements such as a new gym floor, curricular improvements such as growing our acrobatics and outdoor education programs, and student life and extracurricular offerings such as Ski Club. No one person can accomplish these goals alone, but as a team of staff, parents, and students the sky is the limit for what SLA can become. Most importantly, we serve a God who promises to provide for our every need and bear our heaviest burdens. With Him, all things are possible.

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